There is something wonderful in all things of nature!

Hello, my name is Tomasz,

I come from the beautiful country of Poland in Central Europe. My ancestors had a great knowledge of nature and were able to use all its goods brilliantly. They drew ideas from the observation of nature and the processes taking place in it, and they treated the forest as only good.

Whenever I enter the forest, I observe extraordinary processes and discover new artifacts and "Gaia's works of art". My work has always been about making others' lives more pleasant. 

My perception of reality has always deviated from other people's standards and my abstract ideas were not always accepted by the environment. One of my authorities was the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. Most people do not know that Da Vinci drew his ideas from nature and his greatest inspiration were birds.

"Nature does not break its laws."
(Leonardo da Vinci)

Albert Einstein was also famous for his unusual observations and claimed:

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better"
(Albert Einstein)

It is worth doing what you love and believing in yourself in your ideas, devoting yourself to creative passion and doing it with passion and love and it will come back.

Thank you very much to my clients and I wish everyone that thanks to my products they could feel the magic of nature even in a big city.