Luxury Live Pole Moss Bath Mat - Large Moss Bathmat - Color Yellow


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Enjoy and feel the softness and luxury of a moss bathroom mat !

In addition, contact with the forest speeds up recovery from operations and relaxes.

When most of us hear the word moss, we think of a green speck on a fallen tree hidden deep in the forest. However, moss is all around us - even if we live in an urban environment. Moss is one of the most hardy and interesting plant types with endless possibilities for garden design, artwork, and more.

Very decorative forest moss, also called sponge moss or Field Moss.

It comes in the form of dense pillows with an egg-shaped, heterogeneous shape, creating a unique texture.

Appeal to nature by keeping your bathroom floor dry with a moss mat. This bathroom mat has real moss on the surface that feeds on water droplets, not to mention it feels great on your feet.

The moss mat is available in two sizes :

SMALL BATHMAT - Length 53 cm | Width 38,5 cm | Height 5,5 cm ( 20.87"/ 14.96" / 1.97" )
LARGE BATHMAT - Length 78 cm | Width 38,5 cm | Height 5,5 cm ( 30.71"/ 14.96" / 1.97" )

( the weight of the moss is about 2,0 kg for a small & 3.0 kg large )

Version of the Bath Mat Live Moss with a WOODEN FRAME adapted to the basic version made of a class 1 angle bar (35mm x 35mm)

( All frames made by me are 100% solid wood! It is not a type of veneer or laminate. This ensures that the installed product will serve you for many years. For production, we use Polish types of wood such as pine, oak, ash, beech, larch, alder and others, depending on availability. The use of such materials makes the product one of a kind - unique )

We love to surround ourselves with plants in our interiors. They are decorative, soothing, and act like natural air purifiers.

The most important rules to keep the moss in good condition on the mat are:

1.Before using the mat for the first time, lean the mat against the wall (if you have a version with a wooden frame, remove it for now) in the shower or bathtub, and then pour plenty of water using a shower (the mat will then be soaked with water and its weight should increase significantly and the color should increase it should go greener).

Depending on the conditions of the room, repeat this action even every other day so that the moss is always saturated with water. And every day, sprinkle with distilled or demineralized water on top.

After proper hydration, we can start using the mat and feel its fluffy softness.

You can also regenerate the moss on the mat from time to time by doing the same as in the first point and then keep it in a closed, humid environment; 1-2 days later, keep in a strong shade and water with distilled / non-mineral water.

2. Fresh air supply several times a week is also essential, otherwise the moss will gradually die.

3. Sunlight cannot fall directly on the moss as it will lose color and water much faster.

4. The mats are not recommended for bathrooms with underfloor heating. Because it can dry quickly.

If you try to follow these basic rules, the moss mat will stay in your home much longer and a balance with nature will be achieved.

By using my moss mat, you can practice the Shinrin-yoku method which was born in Japan and literally means a forest bath. This health-promoting practice of contact with nature gained popularity in the 1980s as part of a nationwide health improvement program for the Japanese. Its aim was to alleviate the effects of stress experienced at work.

Take advantage of the forest baths if:

- You feel anxiety, depression, irritation, fear.
- You're depressed.
- You have a sleep disorder.
- You're under stress.
- You want to strengthen the body's immunity.
- You need relaxation.
- You have problems with high blood pressure.
- You want better concentration, better memory.

The living moss has been placed on a black non-slip drip tray so that the moss does not absorb excess water later (if the mat is flooded, just drain it). The type of moss used to make the mat is moss ball .

Shipping informations :

Custom-made product - priority shipment within 3-5 days of ordering.

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